Play your age, Not your weight

We play unweighted football.  This means if you are 10, you play 10u (10 and under) against 9 and 10 year olds, regardless of your weight.

why is unlimited weight important?

Let’s face it, some kids are naturally bigger than others.  With that said, it’s not safe to make a kid play against kids 2, 3, or even 4 years older than they are.

who can play tackle football?

Both boys and girls, ages 6 to 14!  You will be placed on a team based on your age.  All you need are football cleats and a mouthpiece!

Learn More at AAU

League information

As affiliates of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), we will play most of our games in the AAU circuit.  We will travel throughout the state of North Carolina (anywhere between Charlotte and Wilmington), with the possibility of an out of state tournament.


AAU requires all players to register with them through their website.  However, YTSA will register your player with AAU for you at no additional cost!  Just complete the YTSA registration and you have no more worries!  We will then E-mail you confirmation and your membership number when available.


AAU is the most known for travel basketball, however they have great football competition as well.


registration cost is $275 per player

Payment plans available!

Complete payment is due by July 25, 2021 to ensure your player has a spot.

Early Bird Special – $200 by June 1st, 2021

Team Spirit Packs are available


what registration covers

custom uniform

Customized with your players’ last name on the back.  Therefore, this uniform is yours to keep!  In addition to that, multiple custom shirts and socks!

AAU Membership

  • Sports Accident Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance



  • Located at Barwell Community Park
  • Three times per week


Equipment Rentals

  • Helmet and shoulder pads
  • Game day uniforms